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Saturday, 5 October 2013

This Wordweave was printed on a thousand party invitations for a huge first birthday celebration in India

And wordweave for Pranati Isabel on her first birthday

We found you in a treasure box
A diamond wrapped up in the sunrise
When we looked at our treasure  in the morning the sun flung itself  into the sky and shone on your cherished face
When we looked at our treasure in the night the stars escaped heaven and sparkled together in your gorgeous eyes
A blooming star twinkling with God's blessings
When you light our skies you take away our breath on angels' wings and replace it with the joy of the fairies
Our cute little pie, our pain reliever, our marvellous creation of God.

Jess Boulton December 2012

A Wordweave for Chiquita, commissioned by my friend in memory of her Mum as a present for her brother

A bientot Maman Chic
It is time to make your signature flight home
Float to your abode on a striped green cloud of parfum Parisienne
Sign out in your slingbacks and sunglasses
Lacquered hair now long, now short, changing as you soar with the African winds
Wing to safety in a bat dress scented with orchard colours
Let it carry you to your habitation.
Fly through that gate and dwell in that house
All daring and brave and neat as a pin
Inhabit that spice-filled dwelling, dance on the incense-spiked air
 Light as a feather with your kohl lined eyes
Crochet some curtains for the Angel's dwellings
Furnish your returning with Love

Au revoir Nana Chiq
It is time to read our bedtime story
For we are still reading the same book, you on one side, we on the other
 Your face will light with a luminous smile at each new chapter 
Just as it always has
Filled with energy and happiness
You have landed now on the solid brown  earth
In the garden of God's ordered chaos
Where everything has its place, where everyone is put back in their home

Monday, 5 November 2012

A Celtic Blessing for Sam and Lucy

(Set to the tune of ‘To make you feel my love’ by Bob Dylan)

May God Bless you with the things of Grace
Celtic sunshine always on your face
May the Spirit be your homing place
Where you belong to Love

May your people always hold you near
Greet your joys with their vital cheers
May they offer you their listening ears
May you be held in love

You’ve been my pebble since the day we met
On this beach so wide and long
I came home and found my room was let
And there we turned that place into our song

I will always be your Loopy Lou
Leap off cliffs so I can swim with you
Where crystal waters are singing true
Of how we need our love

A glowing campfire by the salty sea
Warms a future we don’t know yet
Lights a cove for all our memories
So we can never let ourselves forget

We pray the Greening of the Trees for you
May there be peace and joy in all you do
May the One God enfold you two
Our tender God of Love, Our tender God of Love.

Written by Jess Boulton on the occasion of Sam and Lucy’s wedding 28th July 2012

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Wedding Word Weave for Giles and Laura

 A Wordweave for Giles and Laura

There’s a feeling like the buzzing of the frothing foam from a recently smoothed out wave
Like the leaping of the white sea- horses, riding the waves into the security of shore
When your feet tingle as the sea sucks away from the sand softening the mould of your tickling toes
When hilarity bubbles from the place of hiccups
outrageous comedy flooding the seascape with scandalous colours
This is how we feel when we are with you

It is corks popping from champagne, fizzing charisma over brimming glasses
Foaming baths and pink lemonade, crunchy meringue, the shock of sherbet as it hits the tongue
It is blowing magic bubbles on a rainy day,
The warmth of happy memories and a hug the size of the future
This is how we feel when we are with you.

It is the twinkling of a charmed heart, a hint of mischief in a dimpled cheek, a smiley wink
An effervescent energy bouncing our steps, bubbling out, infectious
It is supercalifragilisticespialidocious
It’s Blooming Marvellous
It’s how we feel when we are with you

Written and read out at the ceremony for my nephew and his wife Laura on the occasion of their wedding on  16th June 2012

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Donor Family Network day

On 12th November I've been invited to run a creative writing workshop for the Donor Family Network, working with people whose loved ones have given or recieved organs as a 'gift of life'. As I understand it living with bereavements associated with Organ Donation is complex as a process and I am hoping that Word Weaving will be an affective and therapeutic tool for people.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Word Weave for Sanctuary

Here is a Word Weave created for Sanctuary at Balsall Heath Church Centre. It has been created by the people who meet regularly for 'Sanctuary' time, engaging in creative activities and eating together. The words of this Word Weave were given by the group using a creative activity and the Silver Word Tree. We attached leaf rubbings and stylised leaf shapes to our Word Weave Tree, I then brought them all home My first attempt to write the Word Weave began on my Mum's memory bench at Martineau Gardens, which was significant because we have only just placed it there. I woke up suddenly at 2am in the morning, inspired to write. Over midnight munchies and a cup of tea I wrote this piece of work which will now form part of a creative work for the Sanctuary Space. Sanctuary may use silks and paints to incorporate the Autumn leaf motif. Thanks to Sanctuary for trusting me with this and for the joy of your company. This is the result of all of our offerings.

A Word Weave for Sanctuary
Shattered but not broken

Shattered but not broken
Fractured, frustrated
Like hairline sketches on eggshells we approach the door
An inward glow of hope has carried us here
Brimming from imperceptible injuries it pours out into a breathles pause

Fragments are held together as we move through this door with our fragile lives of finely spun glass held in excited hands
Anticipation opens the door, friendship welcomes us in
We hold our breath together and enter a warm loving heart

We have created Sanctuary in our sharing of friendship and we have been restored.
Enlivened, inspired, exhilarated and happy, filled renewed and replete
With clinking mugs and steaming soup acceptance came to table
Nurtured in creative communion,
Engaged in concentrated silence, we broke bread together in our safe place

We left as clearer pictures, deeper in colour, stronger images of ourselves.

Align Centre

Silver Word Weave Tree

Silver Word Weave Tree
Our Word Tree for gathering given words